Team Tickets Available
OrthoPreneurs Summit • September 8-10, 2022 
• Austin, Texas
Up to 15 hours of CE covering critical information focused on building a successful, profitable practice on your terms.
You belong here. OP Summit is unlike any other conference. It all starts with fantastic speakers—each one a successful business leader or experienced ortho ready to share new ideas, tactics, and strategies working today that you can put to work in your practice today and grow your bottom line.

Just one of these insights could add thousands of dollars to your bottom line. And if you implement more than one? It’s like putting your business on steroids.
What makes OP Summit the best
event for orthodontists and their teams?
The lineup of presenters is world-class. You and your team will walk away fired up with new ideas to take your practice to the next level. But it’s also all the extras you get at the OP Summit that makes the difference. Like all of your meals are provided—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—plus lots of gourmet snacks. You never need to figure out meal plans because we take care of everything!

What’s more… your ticket gets you into two amazing evening receptions with drinks, food, entertainment, networking, and a few surprises people will be talking about for the next year.

You’ll also have the chance to win some incredible prizes over all three days of the event—not to mention you’ll walk away with enough swag to fill a suitcase.
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An RSVP is required. 
  • RSVP Required!
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Orthopreneurs Summit 2023



Learn to generate more revenue with less staff, increase productivity with AI tools, and get more of your time back!


SEPTEMBER 7-9, 2023


Nobody knows Orthodontists like Orthodontists

The OrthoPreneurs Summit is a legendary meeting created by Orthodontists for Orthodontists. This meeting is guaranteed to help you connect with your peers, gain valuable business insight, and develop strategies that will help you grow your bottom line. This is the one Ortho meeting you need to attend this year.
Orthopreneurs Summit 2023


Dr. Glenn Krieger

Orthopreneurs Summit 2023
Dr. Glenn Krieger is a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry and a practicing orthodontist who understands the challenges faced by clinicians on a day to day basis. 

He began with DVDs to assist dentists with clinical photography and has designed a revolutionary set of mirrors and retractors to assist with image capture. Dentistry Today has named him “Top Clinician in Continuing Education” 11 times.

Dr. Krieger believes that in today’s competitive world the orthodontic and dental communities should be collaborative and everyone should contribute to helping one another succeed. The OP Summit was born out of a desire to bring the orthodontic community together at the most unforgettable meeting and to encourage everyone to collaborate and help each other succeed.

What our community is saying

“No annual meeting in orthodontics rivals the spirit, energy, camaraderie, value, or fun that the OrthoPreneurs Summit provides. Not. Even. Close.”

- Dr. John Graham

“The OP Summit is a true mind, body and soul experience!"

- Dr. Akash Pandya

“You’re crazy if you pass up the chance to take part in this event.”

- Dr. Michael Ragan

The Schedule

A single track with 20+ speakers and up to 18 CE credits to increase your profitability
and reduce your stress in 2023 and beyond.
6th September
6:00PM - 10:00PM
RD Group Welcome Reception
7th September
8:00AM - 2:00PM
RD Group Exclusive CE Session
General Registration & check-in opens
3:00PM - 6:00PM
LIGHTFORCE Pre-symposium Lecture.
Stay tuned for details.
6:00PM - 8:00PM
Food, Drinks, Music, Entertainment, and more
8th September
Morning Workout
8:00AM - 5:00PM
Grand Opening with Dr. Glenn Krieger
Keynote: Victor Antonio
Speakers: Dr. Jeff Heinz, Dr. Courtney Dunn, Matt Leitz, Dr. Glenn Krieger, Dr. John Pobanz, Dr. Mark Farina, Dino Watt, Dr. Kyle Fagala, Mari Sawtelle, Bill Dischinger
5:00PM - 6:00PM
Happy Hour with our Sponsors
7:30PM - 11:30PM
Offsite Dinner and Entertainment 
Transportation Provided
9th September
Morning Workout
8:00AM - 5:00PM
Keynote: Dr Delatorro McNeal
Speakers: Gary Salman, Dr. Alyssa Carter, Dr. Ashley Kisling, Rob Kosberg, Trent Ericksen, David Harris, Ty Ramsey, Amanda Floyd, Jill Allen
5:00PM - 6:00PM
Happy Hour with our Sponsors
7:30PM - 11:30PM
Offsite Dinner and Entertainment 
Transportation Provided
Orthopreneurs Summit 2023
Join us for once in a lifetime experiences at the Andretti Centre, Disney Springs, and House of Blues

Friday, September 8th

Your Journey Begins Today!
Starts Promptly at 8:00AM.

KEYNOTE - Victor Antonio

Sales + Influence = Infinite Possibilities

Wouldn’t you love to know the secrets to influencing your customers’ buying process and increasing customer satisfaction?

Victor Antonio is a top sales executive, President of Global Sales and Marketing for a $420M technology company, and has authored 14 books on sales and motivation. 

Learn truly effective sales techniques and how you should position your practice to boost your sales.

Victor will change the way you look at sales and marketing forever at his session…

Dr. Jeff Heinz

One WILD Ride: A Story of Perspective and Gratitude

Are you ready to change how you view problems and how to solve them?

Dr. Jeffrey Heinz is a testament to resilience. After a motocross accident in dental school left this Townie with limited mobility and behind in his studies, he kicked it up to a higher gear and finished in the top of his class. 

In his presentation, Dr. Heinz shares strategies to view problems differently, and actionable messages to help change those problems.

Dr. Courtney Dunn

The Secret to My Success!

How can you grow from a start up practice with zero patients to a large, 4 location practice in a hypercompetitive market?

Dr. Courtney Dunn will discuss the mistakes she made along the way and how those missteps became important teaching moments that helped her become better at running her business and lead a more balanced life. 

Learn the mindset needed to grow a practice and important pivots needed to help manage this growth

Matt Leitz

How to Automate Leads, Sales and Appointments (Solving Your #1 Problem!)

Have you ever wished you could put your practice on autopilot while delighting your patients and reducing marketing costs?

Matt Leitz is the world’s leading expert at scaling revenue and solving problems with automated systems. His easy-to-use solutions not only increase the bottom line, but also improve the experience for patients.

In his talk you’ll learn to increase qualified leads while relieving current hiring and training stress, how to automate deal followup to maximize closing ratios, and more, with zero tech skills and without adding tech team members.

Doctor Track

Dr. Glenn Krieger

How to Use AI to Earn Back 100 Hours per Year

AI is going to be a huge competitive advantage for practices that learn to use it. But how can you incorporate it into your practice?

Dr. Glenn Krieger is your host for the OP Summit and he's been diving deep using AI tools at his practice in Dallas to write job posts, respond to patients, create marketing copy and graphics, and even develop policies and systems.

You'll get a step by step guide to start using it immediately in your office and you'll learn how you can get back hours of your time every week. 

Doctor Track

Matt Leitz

Integrating Chatbots into Your Ortho Practice

Are you using chatbots for your customer acquisition strategy? 

Matt Leitz is a serial entrepreneur specializing in marketing automation. He has built three private companies ranked amongst the fastest growing in the United States. HIs current venture,, provides businesses with chatbots that generate leads, increase sales and improve support.

You’ll learn how easy it can be to integrate chatbots into your marketing strategies.

Doctor Track

Dr. John Pobanz

Lessons in Leadership

What kind of Leader are you?

Just as an orthodontist must create individualized treatment plans to meet the specific needs of a patient, Dr. Pobanz understands that leadership techniques must vary as well. Listen as Dr. Pobanz discusses how to improve your leadership and thus your practice!

Dr. Pobanz shares how to defuse tense moments with confidence, a consistent method for resolving team conflicts, and much more in this can’t miss talk.

Doctor Track

Dr. Mark Farina

How to Lose Your Associate and Double Your Practice

Have you ever lost collection of production by losing an associate or a key team member? 

Dr. Mark Farina has been practicing for the last 25 years and has developed a system to help increase your production and collection. 

Learn how the RIGHT SYSTEMS can help you grow your practice with less staff!

Team Track

Dino Watt

Owning Your Role: Magnify Your Position to Ignite Your Passion

Do you find yourself struggling to answer the question "What do I do?" beyond reciting your job tasks or giving an elevator pitch? 

It's time to shift your perspective and consider the value you bring to your practice and your patients' lives. If you couldn't rely on a list of tasks to define your role, how would your doctor and your patients describe the impact you have on them?

In this fun and informative presentation, Dino will help you understand the true value of your work and how to find passion in what you do. 

Team Track

Dr. Kyle Fagala

Good Leads, Bad Leads…You Know I’ve Had My Share

How would you like a time-tested system for successfully following up on thousands of new patient leads each year?

Dr. Kyle Fagala started Saddle Creek Orthodontics from scratch 10 years ago and digital marketing was a huge part of his practice growth strategy.  

For the first time, he's going to share how he identifies and grades lead types, offering practical advice to target the most promising prospects.

Team Track

Mari Sawtelle

Save Your Practice Time and Money!

Learn the most important places to look for savings and how to order efficiently.

Mari Sawtelle founded Mari’s List® which is now the largest orthodontic buying group in the country, focused on helping doctors save both money and time through effective inventory management. 

What you learn in this session could save your practice tens of thousands of dollars per year. 

Team Track

Dr. Bill Dischinger

Using Digital Magic to Transform your Practice

Engaging patients is one of the surest ways to increase treatment compliance, and better engagement starts with better practice communication. 

Dr. Bill Dischinger practices in Oregon and has lectured and taught all over the world and is recognized as an expert on many subjects within the specialty of orthodontics.  

Now, he’s sharing the communication strategies and AI tools he uses to help you strengthen your practice and enhance your patient experience.

Saturday, September 9th

Your Journey Begins Today!
Starts Promptly at 8:00AM.

KEYNOTE - Dr. Delatorro McNeal

Shift Into A Higher Gear

Are you ready to break down your barriers of complacency and better your best?

Dr. Delatorro McNeal is an internationally renowned Peak Performance Expert. Who has graced The Today Show as a “Motivational Monday” guest.

Learn how to develop your emotional muscle, strive for Peak Performance, and infuse more passion into all areas of life so that you can lead with a greater sense of purpose and certainty.

Gary Salman

Control What You Can In an “Out of Control” World . . . Stop Ransomware NOW

Are you truly prepared against cyber attacks?

As the CEO and co-founder of Black Talon Security, Gary is dedicated to data security and understanding the latest trends in the industry, particularly as they relate to the dental industry. He lectures nationally on cybersecurity threats and their impact on orthodontic practices.

In his talk, Gary will detail everything you need to know about cybersecurity and what you can do to protect yourself and your practice today.

Dr. Ashley Kisling

Guide to Going Viral

Is Social Media Your Favorite Growth Tool?

Dr. Ashley Kisling has a passion for working with children and families to create smiles and a hyper-focus on servicing her community, who has skyrocketed her practice growth using social media.

In her talk, she shares the differences between platforms, how to leverage social media while working with third party companies, and how to use your social media to attract high conversion patients.

Dr. Alyssa Emory-Carter


Are you a Champion for your Practice? 

When you meet Dr. Alyssa Emory-Carter, you can’t help but love her enthusiasm for life and her overwhelming positivity. She was born and raised in the small town of Sherman, Texas where she practices and owns three locations. 

Her story will inspire you and help you build your 'Dream Team' which starts with YOU as its CHAMPION.

Doctor Track

Rob Kosberg

How to Add an Extra 6 or 7 figures Per Year to Your Practice Using a Book

Have You Ever Wanted To Write A Book? Why You should…

While he serves as a publishing expert, book promotion expert, marketing consultant and more, Rob Kosberg is most recognized as an expert at helping authors to publish, promote and build profit through their own best selling books. He himself is a best selling author, and is the Founder of Best Seller Publishing.

Learn how you can use a book to generate leads on autopilot, raise your fees while attracting the best clients, and become the celebrity doctor in your area.

Doctor Track

Trent Erickson

Strategies to Minimize your Present and Future Taxes

Want to keep more of your income?

Trent has more than twenty-five years experience in the fields of accounting, income taxation, business consulting services, cost segregation services, and taxpayer representation in IRS and governmental agency disputes.

Trent will share estate planning and asset protection ideas to help you reduce your current years taxes and reduce taxes in future years... especially in your retirement years.

Doctor Track

Ty Ramsey

Business Lessons from a Professional Poker Player

How is your practice different from all the others?

Ty Ramsey is a dental consultant who is on a first-name basis with many of the top dental practitioners in the world, and is a sought-after lecturer on numerous topics including digital workflows, leveraging technology to grow your practice, proven marketing strategies, and more.

In his talk, Ty shares how business is like poker, and how to succeed in both

Doctor Track

David Harris

The OTHER Pandemic: Embezzlement

What do you need to know about embezzlement?

CEO of Prosperident, David’s vast investigative experience, coupled with his youth-filled misadventures, and his past military service have given him a unique insight into embezzlers’ mindsets and actions. He is passionate about sharing his wealth of knowledge with general dentists and dental specialists.

Learn the facts you need to know about embezzlement and the basic strategies that you can use to protect yourself.

Team Track

Ty Ramsey

How To Master CBCT / Taking the Ferrari Out of the Garage

Do you want to maximize your potential at work?

Ty Ramsey is a dental consultant who is on a first-name basis with many of the top dental practitioners in the world, and is a sought-after lecturer on numerous topics including digital workflows, leveraging technology to grow your practice, proven marketing strategies, and more.

Ty will share easy, yet valuable strategies for connecting with your patients via CBCT

Team Track

Dr. Alyssa Carter

Think. Believe. Dream. Dare....and DO

In the words of Walt Disney "all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."

With amount of CE courses and ortho meetings she attends, Dr. Alyssa Emory-Carter might be the most well-traveled orthodontist in North America. She is always trying to learn new things that can help drive efficiency at her practice, help her staff perform better, and improve the overall experience of her patients. 

Speaking to the team track, she will inspire your staff to constantly search for ways to improve change your practice for the better. 

Team Track

Amanda Floyd

Creating Systems for Success

Have You Mastered Your Operations?

Amanda Floyd is the Chief Operating Officer with Fishbein Orthodontics, where she has been a driving force in the practice’s success and nearly unprecedented growth. She has extensive knowledge on managing, scaling a business, and employee development, and heads a team of over 100.

Learn how to streamline your daily systems and internal communications with implementable tips to raise patient and team member experience to the next level from Amanda Floyd in this dynamic talk.

Team Track

Jill Allen

Can Your Social Media Strategies Weather the Storm?

Does your brand story and messaging inform your Social Media strategy and Lead Management Practices?

Jill Allen began her career in orthodontics over 27 years ago. Her passion for the industry gleams, as well as her innate desire to see orthodontists succeed. Working with many successful doctors over the years has helped Jill perfect the art of practice success and teach a highly impactful and practical approach to practice management.

In her new talk, Jill shares tools to interpret which social media platforms are suitable for your target audience, evaluate which marketing strategies are right for your practice, and manage the leads that come into your practice.    

The Price Options

In-Person Passes







Learn to grow your practice with unique networking opportunities and up to 18 hours of practice changing CE. With the purchase of your tickets you will receive all meals and snacks, OP Swag, and world-class entertainment.



Up to 14 Hours of Practice Changing CE!
Attend the 2023 Summit LIVE Virtually From Your Home or Office
Invite Your Team to Join You for No Additional Charge!
Recordings of All Sessions Delivered Within 6-8 Weeks
Professional, Done-For-You Notes Delivered Within 6-8 Weeks

The Only Ortho Meeting with a Guarantee

Here’s our promise to you

Buy your ticket to the OP summit and attend all presentations and social events on the first day. 

At the end of the first day, if you don’t agree this is the best orthodontic event you’ve ever attended, just let us know and we’ll write you a check on the spot to refund your entire investment—we’ll even cover your flight home and car service to take you back to the airport! 
Orthopreneurs Summit 2023
Orthopreneurs Summit 2023

Orlando World
Center Marriott

Already one of the nation’s most impressive hotels, Orlando World Center Marriott features the ultimate in comfort and style, just minutes from the city’s hottest attractions, entertainment and dining options. With, refreshed suites, an all-new pool area, three water slides, a re-concepted on-site restaurant and more, this Lake Buena Vista resort world gets better every day. 

Room block rates starting at just $189/night
*Hotel reservation link is provided after registration.
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How Many CE hours will I get?
Up to 18hrs of CE will be awarded for those who attend all of the presentations.
Where will the conference take place?
The meeting will take place at the Orlando World Center. A special room rate of $189/night has been secured for this event. Room reservation link will be provided after registration. Most people will check in on Thursday September 7 and check out on Sunday September 10 to take advantage of the full agenda.
What happens if I register a team member now and they stop
working for me later?
No worries, you can easily transfer the ticket to another new team member at no cost.
How can I make hotel reservations?
Once you register, you will be given the link to reserve hotel rooms. Be sure to register now, because the room block will sell out (like it has every year).
How can I confirm if I am registered?
If you registered and paid, you should have received an email confirmation to the address you listed. If you did not receive one but believe you registered, please send an email to [email protected] and we can check for you.
What is the refund policy?
All sales are final. The registration is non-refundable, but fully transferable. Just send an email to [email protected] telling us you want to transfer the pass and CC the person you want to transfer your pass to and we’ll take care of the rest.
Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Yes! If after attending the first full day of the Summit you don’t agree that this is the best ortho meeting you’ve ever attended, tell us the morning of the second day and we’ll not only refund 100% of your ticket price, we’ll reimburse your flight and hotel room and then order you a black car service to send you back to the airport. Seriously. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Orthopreneurs Summit 2023
Orthopreneurs Summit 2023